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Have you ever had the feeling that after all the hard work in finding  your dress, you would love to wear it more than just a day?

Well, now you can! At I Do Couture, our international photographer, Julien will help you capture the magic moments in all the most romantic places in the world.

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  1. LIFE: It’s important for me to not only photograph your wedding day or your family, but to also tell a story about you, capturing as much emotion as possible. My goal is to highlight what makes you unique and what’s important in your life. All the things that define who you are can help me create more personalized images. Its all about life, not about photos.
  1. ART: My goal is to show you how beautiful and magical the world is. I love to play with light, colors, patterns, lines and shadows. Showing you at your very best in a unique fashion to create images that will make your heart flutter.
  1. EMOTION: Although I sometimes like fashion and static staging, most of the time, I look for natural and spontaneous emotions. This is why our moments together will turn out to be much more than just a photo session. Talking, playing, remembering, loving… It’s all about life, not about photos. You can also count on my unique “French” sense of humor and energy to make you smile!



* Wedding “reportage” in France, Europe and elsewhere.

* Engagement sessions, pre-wedding, honeymoon experiences in France, in the cities of Europe.

* Family portraits in France or other destinations.

* Handcrafted books and original reproductions (made in Italy and Portugal) to secure your photographic heritage for years to come.



Hi, my name is Julien and I am a professional wedding and portrait photographer based in the beautiful city of Strasbourg, in Eastern France. I am passion driven and I can capture your magic moments anywhere in the world. I love to travel and meet new people.


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